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The Miranda Center for Hispanic Studies


The Miranda Center’s vision is to equip the body of Christ to faithfully witness to, effectively minister to, and aptly serve the 45 million Latinos residing in the United States by partnering with more than 18,000 Hispanic Evangelical churches, Christian educational institutions across the nation, and the Latino community.


  1. Faithfulness to God’s Word and one another.
  2. Integrity at every level of organizational activity. 
  3. Love of Neighbor as the source, driving force, and the ultimate goal for serving.
  4. Relationship because people are important.
  5. Transformation at the personal, communal, and institutional level that glorifies God.
  6. Research based data from pure and applied research that is essential to shaping leadership practices, ministry effectiveness, organizational change, and policy formation, which can lead to societal transformation.  


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The Jesse Miranda Center for Hispanic Leadership
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